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2015 User Forum

Are you searching for the ideal Discoverer Report Replacement Solution?  With Spreadsheet Server for use with Oracle’s QueryDesigner, Oracle Discoverer Report data can be efficiently and securely extracted and used within Microsoft Excel, allowing the users the ultimate Oracle experience.  

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Discoverer Alternative

Join Global Software, Inc. June 15-16th in Raleigh, NC for our annual user forum, Formulate 2015.  Our mission in implementing these forums is to provide a platform where we can continue to strengthen our partnerships with our customers by sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas. 

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Accounting Software

Our Web-Based and AS400-Based accounting software suites are second to none.  For over thirty years, we have been setting the standard in accounting software for things like General Ledgers, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, etc. with our all-in-one solutions of iSuite and iSeries.

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