Management Team

Ron Kupferman

Chairman and CEO

Ron Kupferman - Chairman and CEO


Chairman and CEO Ron Kupferman graduated from University of Rhode Island with a BS in Accounting. After serving in the United States Marine Corps he settled in North Carolina with his new bride and began a career in computer software. NCR was one of the early leaders in computer automation in a number of industries including banking, furniture, textiles and retail. Ron received his early training with NCR focusing on business applications and their latest computer technology. By 1971, he founded what is now Global Software, Inc. As an early pioneer and visionary in the software industry, Ron had the vision that software and information technology would emerge as one of the leading industries in the world. His vision has been realized and today he has been fortunate enough to provide the foundation within Global to become the market leader providing Excel Automation to the world's leading ERP's . As a serial entrepreneur Ron has incubated a number of software companies using Global Software, Inc. as an umbrella organization. With Ron's background in financial solutions and business application software over the past 40 years, in addition to a strong customer centric philosophy, has provided the foundation for all of his successes in this market. Ron enjoys playing tennis, reading and spending his spare time with his wife of 48 years, 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

In 43 years in the software industry I have never been more excited about Global Software, Inc's market position. We have achieved a critical mass and a No. 1 position in the Excel Automation marketplace. Our talented team of committed employees, customers and partners along with our world-class solution offerings will ensure our leadership status for many years to come."