iSuite Accounts Receivable


iSuite Accounts Receivable

The Global iSuite Financials Accounts Receivable system is a next generation Internet-based application designed to deliver powerful flexibility and efficiency in data definition, navigation, processing and reporting structure to help maximize receivables.

Global Software, Inc.'s uniqueness in this market space derives from its ability to allow for complete customer management, credit status monitoring, and other controls by leveraging the best-in-class web-based application technology that is inherent in iSuite Financials.

The Accounts Receivable solution offers a well-designed and easily maintained customer database. Major product areas include cash applications, credit and customer management. By building on Internet advances, Global Software, Inc. creates an efficient Accounts Receivable environment for complete Management of your customers and their credit status; including invoice and receipt processing and tools for efficiently handling your collections processing.


  • Fully scalable and flexible
  • Deployed via Internet/Intranet, hosted by the client at their designated site(s) of choice
  • Cutting-edge connectivity technologies
  • Rapid deployment methodologies
  • Application services consist of several products that work together to manage the Accounts Receivable process
  • Examples of applications services include standards-based electronic communications (e.g., EDI, XML), e-marketplace technology, integration to desktop tools, (e.g., Microsoft® Excel) and complete Accounts Receivable application.
  • Interactive inquiries with automatic linkage to data throughout the database

Customer Management

  • System wide customers with National/Child account capability for inquiry and cash application
  • Customer AR Statistics – Inquiry, reports and spreadsheet
  • Customer profiling to enable the user to create customer subsets for independent analysis and navigation
  • Customer Classification by groups, territory, category or other distinction codes

Invoice and Cash Processing

  • Invoice import from external systems, manual entry, or generated from Global Software’s Order Entry System
  • Cash import from external source (e.g. lock box) or manual entry
  • Ability to use multiple auto-cash application algorithms or manual point-and-click cash application
  • Chargeback, write-off processing and late/finance charge generation.
  • Multiple Currency processing

Collections and Credit Management

  • Drill-down aging detail and online analysis of customers’ outstanding balances
  • User-defined correspondence, including dunning letters, statements and invoices
  • Disputed Item tracking and finance charge assessments
  • Event monitor for tracking application events such as exceeding credit limits or dunning stage progression
  • Event triggered actions for building workflows for credit managers, salesperson, etc.

Information Retrieval

  • List pages in an easy to read format with multiple selection criteria to filter records from the database
  • Output lists to an Excel spreadsheet or to a web page with the Quick Report option
  • User Report Definition to create custom reports using the delivered report object definitions of the database
  • Output report data to PDF, comma delimited or Excel spreadsheet


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    The Global iSuite Financials Accounts Receivable system provides complete management of your customers and their credit status; including invoice and receipt processing and tools for efficiently handling your collections processing.

  • iSuite Accounts Receivable screen-shot Click to Enlarge

    iSuite Accounts Receivable

iSuite Accounts Receivable Technical Requirements

Intranet Web Application Server: 8GB RAM, 10GB hard drive space
Database Server: 4GB RAM, 50GB hard drive space
End User: 2GB of RAM
Intranet Web Application Server: Windows 2000/2003/2008 R2 server
Internet Information Server 5.0, 6.0,or 7.0 Net Framework 4.0 Full
Database Server:

Windows 2000/2003/2008 R2 Server


End User:

Windows XP or greater

Acrobat Reader 5.0 or greater, Microsoft Office 2007 or greater

IE11 or before